polyartistic connections

simply connecting the arts


the kobweb offers professional musical consulting and organizational support for artists, curators, and galleries seeking to work with musicians, composers, and arrangers from the classical and new music world.

why the kobweb?

Specializing in matching artists and art galleries with professional classical musicians ready to work in novel settings saves invaluable time for the artist or gallery when creating and curating a new work. Classical musicians are ideal for this collaborative role as the training is geared towards a high level of adaptability with regards to the musical needs at hand. A network of composers and music arrangers is also available through the kobweb, as well as curating thematic musical programming geared for visual arts events.

how it works

the kobweb exists to facilitate today's art projects wishing to involve classical or contemporary music. This creation aims not only to work with but also inspire the visual art world to feel free to explore and interact with the aural art form. As many artists have previously expressed this wish, it seems natural for there to be a simple way for these collaborations to take place. the kobweb offers the space and expertise to pass communicative barriers.

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